Taking look at the matches for the Olympic Soccer Tournament

The Olympics has started WAAAAHOOOO!!! In less then four weeks, the Soccer tournament will begin. I took at look at the matches and participating countries. Some big countries are in the match ups; Germany, Portugal, Denmark, and etc. One match up I think will be a match not to miss is Portugal vs. Argentina. Sure Argentina lost against Chile in the COPA America Cup, but Argentina is considered in my opinion tacticians of soccer. The interesting fact, will Lionel Messi be part of the Argentina team after some rumors saying he will retire from playing with Argentina. Also in the EURO Cup Finals, Portugal’s star Christiano Ronaldo was injured during the first half. So, will these stars be able to participate in their teams and have a El Classico showdown between FC Barcelona’s star Messi vs. Real Madrid’s star Ronaldo. We will see.

Another highlight match not to miss in my opinion is Brazil vs. South Africa. Yes Brazil lost in the COPA America and my opinion did not perform well. South Africa has done well in the past, but will they be able to tango with the mighty Brazilian team.

here is the link for the Olympic Soccer Tournament schedule.

Please make comments on this post to show your opinions about highlight matches not to miss and why.