Blog Rules

1. No gossip about soccer teams and players, and any users on the blog website (and other people).

2. No inappropriate photos and videos – Photos and videos depicting pornographic and/or full or partial nudity.

a. Pornography – any photos or videos depicting one or more people in the action of sex or sexual poses(e.g. photos in adult magazines and videos in adult website).

b. Nudity – showing or exposure of body part(s) deemed to be inappropriate.

i. Partial Nudity – any exposure of the areola of female breast, and genitalia of female and/or male.

ii. full nudity – full exposure of female breasts, and genitalia of female and/or male.

3. No malicious vulgar language allowed in any blogs and comments.

a. Vulgar Language – Using inappropriate words (e.g. bitch, cunt, fag, and etc.) and/or phrases (e.g. go to hell, fuck off, and etc) while speaking towards some one or group.

b. Malicious – Using actions and/or speaking to some one or group in a manner to offend or upset the person or group.

4. Stating statements from sports channels (e.g. bien sports), site the statement the best you can (e.g. sport channel, month/year). Stating rules from FIFA Soccer Regulation rules, follow the citation of Soccer & Society format. Soccer Citation form

5. Any malicious hacking and/or installing malware and any malicious software detected on this blog website will result of a Red Card and banned from the website.

6. Blog, post and have fun for the passion of soccer.

Breaking any of the rules (besides #5), will result in a Yellow Card.

Each Yellow Card will be emailed to user with the reason and which rule was broken.

Three Yellow Cards result of a Red Card and banned from the website.

For Rule #3, Yellow Card will not be given immediately, warnings will be emails and asked not to do that again. Four warnings of vulgar language will result in a Yellow Card.